The College of Management at National Chin-Yi University of Technology offers a comprehensive curriculum at the undergraduate and master's level that expands the boundaries of a traditional business education. Students receive a business education grounded on a strong general education emphasizing the liberal arts and sciences. The NCUT College of Management prepares students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in a changing global economy through our undergraduate and graduate programs in: Industrial Engineering and Management, Business Administration, Information Management, Distribution Management, Leisure Industry Management, and Institute of Project Management. The NCUT College of Management is dedicated to creating, applying and sharing knowledge that translates theory to practice. With our rigorous effort and excellent performance in academics, research, and academics-industry cooperation, we are proud to provide innovative solutions to local business community, domestic enterprises, and global business challenges.

The NCUT College of Management now has 76 full-time faculty members including 27 Professors (35.5%), 31 Associate Professors (40.8%), 16 Assistant Professors (21.1%), and 2 Lecturers (2.6%).

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